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Pierre Dominique LAFITTE  was  born in 1957 in ville d' Avray ( France ). From a family

of painters ,sculptors and musicians it's his grandmother, Lise Lafitte, talent artist, who introduced  him to painting  at the age of 12. He also dedicated his time to singing and considered a musical career for a while. In 1971 he entered the Art School of Versailles

and continued his training in the studio of painter Jaro Hilbert  in Ville d'Avray. 

In 1974, he moved to Aix en Provence and furthered the study of drawing and engraving

at the Art School of Aix en Provence and different studios. In 1979 he held an exhibition

in Aix en Provence of highly symbolic painting with hints of surealism based around his

major work " the Venitian Bridge ". Evocation of antique cities lost in the sea depths.

In 1982, Lafitte turned into Poetic Realism, developing his own distinctive style through

a series of large-format  around the representation of human transcendence. In 1985, a

large exhibition during  the  37 th  Lyrical Art Festival of Aix en Provence established his

new orientation.

Until 2000, parallel to his activity, he created the visual of the Vacances Héliades  travel agency's brochures as well as their national advertising campaign ( metro-bus) in 1985.

The year 1987 marked a turning point in the painter's evolution. A parisian  exhibition dedicated to Vermeer and his contemporaries was a true revelation and initiated his re-search to rediscover the techniques of artists from this golden age. It's the still-life theme

that he choose as the object of contemplation and metaphysics of the sensitive that he

expressed though material and colours.                         

In 2006, the CMC Magnetics Corporation Museum, a global organization established in

Taîwan, aquired the integrality of his masterpieces.

Since 2012, Pierre Dominique Lafitte, has been expanding the scope of this activities to

digital creation as well as numerous commissioned works.

His paintings appear in several private collection, in France and abroad

Pierre Dominique Lafitte portrait

Pierre Dominique   LAFITTE     30, Forum des Cardeurs    Aix en Provence    13100

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